What Our Clients Say

On developing your management team

“With Jim Pierce as my leadership coach, I have taken my own coaching game to the next level.  Jim’s “train the coach” program has enabled me to better develop our entire leadership team.  Everyone on the team enthusiastically embraced the coaching and accountability, and today, our team is operating at a more functional, communicative, and purposeful level of performance … with improved, measurable results.”

Kim Jenson
Managing Director
Chicago Tower Complex Manager

Using my ‘personal leadership coaching plan’

“This process is the most transformational training I have ever been involved in. It gave me and my direct reports the ability to influence the people we work with to get better results. The key to Jim Pierce’s training is the continued follow up that keeps reinforcing your vision and the skill to execute that vision. Every day when I approach multiple challenges I use this framework to help me lead.”

Dave Pollock
Regional Manager
Seattle, WA
D.A. Davidson & Co.

More Than a Sales Manager

“I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with me last year. Obviously, with the changes in our industry have come changes to the role of Complex Director. No longer are we simply sales managers and compliance officers. We have been forced to assume a leadership role that focuses on moving the business forward, as well as helping the advisors to move their businesses forward. Among the terms I have heard to describe who we are: “change agent”, “coach”, “business development officer”, “steward”. For some, the assumption of these new responsibilities has been difficult; for others it has been impossible. Because of your coaching, the change has been for me rewarding, and dare I say, successful.”

Joseph A. Dieterle, III
Executive Director
Complex Director, Northern New England

On ‘Coaching Overload’

“I have been through numerous coaching, mentoring, and skill development programs during my career.  I was hesitant to engage with coaching, as I never found I really learned anything from the prior experiences; by that I mean I never was able to take a piece of insight or crumb of wisdom and apply it to my leadership style.  Being coached by you changed my perception and reality.

The monthly calls and meetings were key drivers to this process.  You provided insight and different viewpoints; you challenged my thought process and made me see issues from another point of view.  Most importantly, there was accountability.  I knew each and every month we were going to build on the traits which were important to me.  I knew each and every month I’d better deliver on what I said I was going to.

Your leadership coaching has shown me what is possible.  I am a much more substantial leader because of it.”

Wendi Eckardt
Managing Director
Regional Manager, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
San Francisco

Be an Influencer

“As a Regional Manager and Division Manager, Jim always professed that the role of the Branch Manager was not to manage but to lead. I have heard people say, “You can’t teach leadership… either you have it or you don’t.” I no longer think this is true. Jim Pierce can teach people to be leaders and can help current leaders be better leaders.

By using feedback on my leadership from my manager, direct reports, and others, Jim worked with me to identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses. I also found out how others I work with perceive me. Using this information, Jim helped me interpret this feedback to develop a game plan, a road map that would help me become a more effective leader. I continue to use this road map today.

At the conclusion of the coaching engagement, Jim takes the time to pull together a number of the subjects that we discussed throughout the year and brings them in to focus. In doing so, he left me with a document that is extremely helpful, and serves as a reminder of things I need to work on.”

John E. Geoghan
Managing Director
Complex Director, Red Bank Complex